It was my mother’s tired but beloved childhood teddy bear that inspired me to make my first bear. Stumped for a gift for my mother’s birthday, I knew this childhood toy was beyond repair so instead I made her a replacement, it went down a treat. Buoyed by my success, I decided on a career in bear making which would allow me to realise my childhood dreams and launched my own business. Learning on the job, ‘unable to draw a straight line with a ruler’ I fiddled with my pattern until; many crooked bears later, the Tipperary bear was born. I set up my studio (Teddy HQ) in scenic Grousehall, North Tipperary in 2013 and have been happily producing expertly crafted stuffed creatures ever since, with the Tipperary Hare also joining the ranks. Each bear is handmade and finished to the highest quality. All bears are made from locally sourced tweed, made by Hanlys Woolen Mills near Nenagh. While my bears look wonderful and make a wonderful feature in any room they are designed to be played with and loved too! All bears are made with child safe eyes and joints and are tested to CE standard. Bears come in two sizes regular and small. All bears come with a hand knitted scarf as standard, I also offer the option of a custom made jumper or cardigan (knitted by my Mammy) in the colour of your choice for the regular size bear.